Inner Dance Yoga is offering safe and socially distanced outdoor classes on the lawn at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,  33 West Dixon Ave. in Oakwood.

Monday/6-7:15PM,  Tuesday/9:30 – 10:45AM,  Saturday/9:30 – 10:45AM

We can’t think of a better time for you to “connect with your roots” and experience the benefits of practicing in nature. All classes are practiced under the ample shade of the mature trees in St. Paul’s beautiful lawn spaces. In these challenging times we encourage you to adopt an attitude of curiosity and creativity and come OM outside with us. Here’s an update on how to participate in our outdoor classes.

*Send a quick text to 937 609-9642 to reserve a spot in class that you plan to participate in.  For morning classes text the day before and for evening classes text the day of. We will send you a text to confirm that there is space for you. 

* In case of inclement weather you will receive a text 45 minutes before the start of class.

* You can drop off your mat and props near one of the two green spaces that we are practicing in and then park your car afterwards if you like. You can use any parking space that is available around the back, front or side of the church.

* Our summer entrance to the studio is open if you need to use the restroom. 

* Wear your mask to and from class. Masks definitely heighten the awareness of your breath but feel free to choose wether you wish to practice with your mask on or off during class. 

* You can purchase a 5 class pass/$65 or a single class/$15. Pay by cash, check or Venmo. Class passes expire in 3 months.

* Please do not participate in class if there is any chance that you may have been infected or have been in proximity with anyone who has been sick with Covid-19.

      We are honored to be a part of St. Paul’s Health and Wellness ministry! Our doors have been wide open and welcoming for the last two decades to everyone from babes of 6 weeks to students in their 90s. Our mission is to empower you to progress toward improved health and well-being through the practice of yoga and meditation. We embrace each student’s search for personal growth, and fulfillment by offering the highest quality yoga classes to people of all ages. Our experienced instructors strive to guide practitioners toward a greater sense of presence, self  awareness, acceptance and love. We are dedicated to being respectful of each individuals differences and honored to share the practice with everyone!

 * We are presently revamping our website. If you have a question about discrepancies on our existing site please let us know.







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