Debbie StirsmanDebbie Stirsman, RYT

Debbie is the owner/director of Inner Dance Yoga Center and is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Always fascinated by the body/mind connection, Debbie has spent most of her life exploring movement and the bio-mechanics of the body. After 25 years of performing, teaching, choreographing, and directing her own dance company, in 1999 she made a shift toward the healing path of yoga. This transition continues to be an inspiring discovery of ways to create more life, love, energy and expression in and through the body, mind and spirit.  

Debbie has been a dedicated student of the ever – evolving work of master teacher, Doug Keller for the past seventeen years. It is with heartfelt gratitude that she thanks Doug and all of her teachers and with joy and creativity shares the practice with others. Her classes are based on integrating alignment and intuition, strength and fluidity, and meditation and motion. While she provides a format for the countless benefits of physical exercise, Debbie prefers to offer an exploratory “work-in” rather than a simple “work-out”.


Mari Jo Sellers, RYT

Mari Jo loves connecting with women during their pregnancy journey. This natural time of introspection allows women with the right support to hone their intuition and find their own power so they can discover themselves in new ways, to identify their strengths, and find balance in all things, throughout their pregnancy and into motherhood.

Mari Jo is certified as a HypnoBirthing, the Mongan Method, childbirth instructor as well as a prenatal yoga instructor.

After a challenging natural birth with her first child, Mari Jo sought out HypnoBrithing for her second birth. The combination of techniques and positive birth environment she was able to create through the tools provided through HypnoBirthing enabled Mari Jo to not only have a beautiful natural birth with her second, but to feel energized and empowered entering motherhood the second time.

With a type A personality, Mari Jo believes her discovery of yoga led her down a path of self discovery, healthy living and balance she might not otherwise have chosen, a path that allowed her to achieve a natural pregnancy and delivery of her son, in 2010 after a long infertility struggle. Mari Jo currently teaches the prenatal yoga class at Inner Dance Yoga on Wednesday evenings.

Mari Jo has two children, ages 8 and 5 and lives in Oakwood. She loves baking, walking, reading, discovering new recipes, making pretty things and a great beach vacation. A Stay-at-home mom, Mari Jo is a freelance writer and operates her own marketing consulting business by day and teaches HypnoBirthing and yoga by night.


Cathy Hackett, RYT


Cathy is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

After several years of taking yoga classes, a yearning to discover more led Cathy to The Shanti Yoga School and yoga teacher training.  Along the path of her yoga journey, Cathy hopes to share the peace, the calm, and many other truly wonderful benefits of yoga through her classes and in life.


Jennifer Mesaros

With a graduate degree in economics, Jennifer enjoys the physical aspects of yoga to dial the brain down.  She came to IDYC many years ago on her recovery path from PTSD, through the use of breath and body awareness she now enjoys life symptom free.  When she became a mother for the first time in 2012, she started practicing yoga with her son when he was just weeks old.  Small moves to match his little body and deep breathing while holding him close.  Now a toddler, her son joins her Family Yoga class and can be seen, usually at home, doing poses like down dog, happy baby and twists.  Speaking from her experience so far, while the babies and toddlers may not seem interested in the moment or during class, they are watching and learning…lets give them tools of awareness and relaxation to use for a lifetime!


stephanieStephanie Peterangelo, RYT 

Stephanie has always been an active person and believes living a healthy lifestyle is an extremely important part of life. She used to be an avid “gym rat” and loved “pumping iron”, but then she found yoga. For about 3 years, she alternated her work-outs in the gym with yoga, but realized that she felt healthier and more fulfilled when practicing yoga. She eventually transitioned to a life of yoga, and put the weights down to never pick them up again. She still enjoys running and any form of cardiovascular activity, but yoga has become more than a physical activity for her. For Stephanie, yoga is life, and it has become a very important part of her. Yoga has had an enormously positive impact on her, not only on a physical level, but on a mental and spiritual level, as well. After almost 15 years of practicing yoga, she decided to take the next step by enrolling in a 200 hour yoga teachers training, which she finished in January 2014. Her aspirations are to share her experiences and knowledge of yoga with others looking to receive the gifts this ancient practice offers.

Dana Penn, RYT 

Dana first embarked upon her yoga journey in 2006 on the advice of her physician who recommended yoga to ease the stress and anxiety associated with her work for a large corporation. But Dana found so much more than a stress relief tool. She began to notice that her perspective on life, her relationships with others, and most of all, her relationship with herself became more mindful, more peaceful, and more joyful. Dana completed her 200 hour Teacher Training at Inner Dance Yoga Center in 2014.

Upon retirement from corporate life in 2015, she was free to pursue her passion to bring the practice of yoga to those who feel that yoga is something they could never do — due to age, a physical limitation, or simply lack of confidence. Dana teaches chair yoga at Inner Dance Yoga Center. In addition, she teaches chair yoga and facilitates other wellness activities at local senior residential communities.

Please join Dana on Fridays, 3:00pm-4:00pm for Chair Yoga for Strength and Balance!


Lisa Zaehringer, RYT

Lisa is an advocate for well-being amid the motherhood journey. She reverently offers a sacred space for mothers to reconnect with themselves, reclaim rest, and practice honest self-exploration. Her offerings are compassionately created as an invitation for a cathartic experience of restorative yoga and connection.
Being a yoga teacher beautifully compliments her graduate degree in Counseling. Lisa is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher since 2011 who completed an accredited 200hr teacher training in 2011, along with an accredited 300-hour advanced certification in yoga therapeutics in 2013. She remains humbled and honored to hold space for mothers as they navigate crossing the threshold from maiden to mother.
Lisa feels unfathomable gratitude to be a full time homemaker, military spouse, and homeschooling mama – all the while practicing a balanced way to share her yoga offerings with her community.


LeslieLeslie Dworkin, RYT, MFA

 Leslie Dworkin, RYT, MFA, is a professional dance artist and educator, and has been teaching in the field of movement for over 20 years. She is both a certified yoga and qigong instructor, having studied with two of America’s most celebrated qigong teachers–Lee Holden and Master Li Junfeng. Relaxation-in-action, meditative flow, integration, and fluid movement are stressed in her classes. She maintains a private practice in the form of bodywork called the Trager™ Approach.


LeeMassoudLee Massoud

A mindful and compassionate yoga instructor, Lee trusts her instincts and follows her heart as she shares the teachings that have come from a life lived fully, openly and consciously. Always a seeker of balance and meaning, Lee has explored numerous styles of yoga, meditation, and other spiritual practices for over 25 years. Lee is grounded in a deep wisdom that allows her to integrate many influences from her own yogic and spiritual experiences into unique teachings and insights that can be applied on and off the yoga mat. Always open to discovery, Lee’s yoga and meditation classes provide a safe haven for self-inquiry and exploration.
In May, 2014 Lee earned her 50 hour certification in Yin Yoga from Bernie Clark in Vancouver, Canada.







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