Inner Dance Yoga Center can work with you on corporate wellness programs to reduce employee stress levels and improve the health of your team.

Yoga classes can be held practically anywhere in the office, on the floor or in chairs. Yoga can be practiced by men and women of all fitness levels, ages, and body types.

Yoga’s simple yet profound system of stretches, breathing, and quiet relaxation brings immediate benefits and can ~

  •  reduce headaches, back pain, hypertension, depression, joint and muscle injuries
  • enhance memory and focus
  •  improve immune systems
  •  improve posture
  • provide immediate stress reduction


Private one on one sessions are a great way to begin or deepen your practice and are a powerful way to connect with yourself and with a teacher. Semi-Private and Organized groups can also be set up.

Some Benefits of Private Yoga:

  • Schedule regular sessions at times most convenient for your hectic lifestyle
  • Address a specific health issue like insomnia or low back pain
  • Learn postures to help step your golf game or triathlon times up a notch
  • Work towards mastering a challenging posture (like headstand or lotus)
  • Learn a custom sequence that you can practice at home

Whether you want to practice at your home, reserve a practice room at our yoga center or inspire your office community with a weekly yoga session, our teachers are available to meet your needs.

Prices vary and are available upon request.
Contact Debbie Stirsman to schedule your session at or by calling (937) 609-9642.

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