What Students Say about  Our Teacher Training:

“I signed up for YTT to learn more about yoga. I had no intention of teaching a class. Not only did I learn more about yoga, I learned a lot about myself. I will always be grateful for this experience. Along the way I have met some wonderful people, who otherwise I would have never met. I love teaching my classes and meeting new students.” By: Connie Kreigbaum

“My training with Shanti Yoga School was transformative. I am so excited to begin teaching and feel so confident. In addition to the excellent training, the experience transformed me personally, in the way I perceive and interact with others, and especially in the way I now experience my relationship with myself.” By: Dana Murphy-Penn

“The training provided by Kim Zehnder and Debbie Stirsman exceeded my expectations. They were a great team and spent a lot of time selecting reading and study materials that were pertinent. They brought an excellent balance of skills to the program, including but not limited to: correct body alignment, anatomy, Sanskrit terms, yoga philosophy, time for each of us to do several practice teaches (along with constructive comments), training in verbal cues to help us guide students as well as guidance in dealing with various issues we can expect to encounter with students. Safety for ourselves in class, and safety for students in any of our future classes was always stressed. The printed materials they provided us with will serve as excellent resource materials for us in the future. Debbie and Kim brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom and it is hard to imagine too many Yoga Teacher Trainings that can prepare future Registered Yoga Teachers as well as the two of these instructors. Because of their reputations in the local area, they attracted a very dedicated and diverse group of students who also brought a lot to the sessions. I would whole heartedly endorse the Shanti Yoga School teacher-training program. It is hard to imagine that many other schools are as thorough and provide teachers as dedicated as Kim and Debbie.” By: Marla Harlan

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Debbie Stirsman and Kim Zehnder. These ladies were inspirational, always available to assist with questions and or help out with personal conflicts. The diversity and wealth of knowledge that these two ladies brought to the trianing was truly enriching and has helped me become a more competent yoga instructor.” By: Bethany Bodenheim

Kim and Debi were an excellent pair of teachers, giving me a broad and deep knowledge base.” By: Laura Seyfang

“The opportunity to learn more about something I believe in from two of the most talented and beautiful women I’ve ever met is amazing. The combination of backgrounds, experience, skills and styles of teaching has allowed me to learn so much more about yoga, teaching and about myself than I think I would have in another program. The balance of yoga philosophy and the Kripalu style of yoga mixed with the disciplien of dance and the Anusara principles of alignment has made this program a rich learning experience.” By: Deborah Hetzer Nevius

“There are several YTT schools in my area, but I know that Shanti is the best. The amount of knowledge and experience that Shanti teachers have is incredible. I feel blessed and very grateful for this learning opportunity. I know I have the skills knowledge and ability to teach yoga safely and lovingly with the training I received from Shanti. “ By: Stephanie Peterangelo

“I received teached-training for RYT 200 and 500 from Kim Zehnder, Shanti Yoga School. Class time was full, but do-able. I am so impressed at the work Kim put into planning the the teacher training. It takes someone very dedicated and organized to do this all on her own. Kim’s training was perfect for my schedule. I learned so much! One aspect of Kim’s teaching that i find invaluable was her focus on anatomy in yoga. We pretty much focused on anatomy in one way or another in almost every class. It wasn’t so much memorizing as it was my coming to understand “the anatomy in each pose.” This has ben huge for me and my students have benefited so much from the training I received.” By: Lynne Timmerman

“My experience & training at the Shanti Yoga School has given me the opportunity to transform into the woman/yoga teacher I was created to be.” By: Melinda Klark

“I am grateful to have had the chance to complete the YTT500 training with Kim Zehnder at Shanti Yoga School. It is an excellent program that provides a wonderful opportunity for growth as a yogi and a yoga instructor.” By: Catherine Hackett

” I feel that I have grown as an instructor by leaps & bounds. I am more assured in assisting students & I know so much more about anatomy, safety and contraindications for asanas and pranayama.” By: Crystal Myers

“I especially liked having these two teachers. They were both extremely knowledgable and very very experienced. A very caring, loving place to learn how to be a yoga teacher. The alignment principles were also thoroughly discussed, so I feel very safe in assisting others with their practice. Absolutely the two best teachers I have ever had the pleasure to meet and train with.” By: Karen McGinnis


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